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Morden Park carpet cleaners want to suggest you something. Before getting rid of your filthy and discoloured carpet, you can try our professional Morden Park carpet cleaning in SM4 area. Before you reject the idea of our reliable Morden Park carpet cleaning, let us explain you the essence of our convenient Morden Park carpet cleaning services. Actually Morden Park carpet cleaners perform much more thorough procedures than the superficial vacuuming, conducted on your own. In fact, comprehensive hoovering is just a preparative procedure, included in our professional Morden Park carpet cleaning. We don't need to convince you that when heavy-duty machinery and special cleansers are used, our Morden Park carpet cleaning gives incredible results. One thing is guaranteed - if you take advantage of our specially tailored Morden Park carpet cleaning service - you won't regret it.

Just imagine what a relief we suggest you via our flexible Morden Park carpet cleaning service, available in the entire SM4 area. There will be no more endless and unproductive hoovering, no more treating the stains with toxic detergents - all that is achievable just by requesting our Morden Park carpet cleaning, complied with the fabric of your carpets and rugs.

Call us on 020 3026 6016 and our expert Morden Park carpet cleaners will come to your sweet home to provide you reliable and efficient Morden Park carpet cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning special offer:

Carpet cleaning special offer

(only general cleaning: dusting, hoovering, or cleaning of 1 bathroom, or the kitchen (no oven/fridge, cupboards inside)

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

Take a look of the short description of the different sanitising techniques, applied during our convenient Morden Park carpet cleaning:

  • Steam carpet cleaning - after conducting this Morden Park carpet cleaning system, dust, soil and bacteria will be eliminated from your regular fabrics. Our efficient Morden Park carpet cleaning session is commenced with thorough hoovering of the carpet surface. In addition, serious stains are pretreated by our friendly Morden Park carpet cleaners. Now, it's time for the real part - steam-heat extraction methodology, applied by our skillful Morden Park carpet cleaners. It's based on injection and extraction of specific, biodegradable detergent, which is dissolved in very hot water. Thus, grime and germs are fought by Morden Park carpet cleaners. Just a few hours are needed for the carpet to dry up and you can use it, thanks to our skillful Morden Park carpet cleaners.
  • Dry carpet cleaning - all water-sensitive fabrics require this modern method of Morden Park carpet cleaning. This reliable Morden Park carpet cleaning technique is based on specially designed, dry cleanser. Morden Park carpet cleaners spread the substance over the fabric and wait a little bit for the harmless chemical reaction to start. At the end, our professional Morden Park carpet cleaners vacuum everything off and the material is left thoroughly sanitised and refreshed.

Scotchgard Protector is the most appropriate finish of our convenient Morden Park carpet cleaning procedures, because it helps to keep the stunning results longer.

Our professional Morden Park carpet cleaning services are provided at affordable and fair rates, so don't hesitate!

Contact our polite assistants on 020 3026 6016 to arrange your appointment for our flexible Morden Park carpet cleaning in SM4 area!

Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £25.00
  • Living/dining room £30.00
  • Through lounge £45.00
  • Flight of stairs £25.00
  • A small rug/carpet £15.00
  • A large rug/carpet £26.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £37.00
  • Living/dining room £45.00
  • Through lounge £67.00
  • Flight of stairs £37.00
  • A small rug/carpet £22.00
  • A large rug/carpet £39.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

Make your upholstery look like brand new again by requesting our professional upholstery cleaning in SM4 Morden Park !

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Our happy customers` reviewsOur happy customers` reviews

"When my cousins told me they will arrive in two days, I was embarrassed. Then I found your last minute cleaning and I got gorgeous results"

"Very friendly cleaner - I would like to keep her on regular bases."
George, Tooting

" Your staff did a wonderful job! The windows were done perfectly. I am just amazed."
Sean, Clapham

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