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Carpet Cleaning in SW1 Belgravia

Super fresh and hygienic rugs - our favourite assignment!

Clean carpet with butterflies

Carpet cleaning is a mission, that every housekeeper accomplishes one way or another. Most of us perform vacuum cleaning and pretreatment of some visible stains. Actually, much more from that is obligatory in order to have flawless carpets. Let us present to your attention our reliable and professional service, available in the entire SW1 district. It's provided by our expert carpet cleaners at affordable rates. You know that different materials must be treated differently, so our modern cleaning session is always complied with the specificity of the fabric. So, you don't have to worry for your stylish carpets, because there is no danger of wear and tear or structural damage.

Forget about long-lasting hoovering, because it's only a superficial technique, no matter how modern your vacuum cleaner is. Experts advise to entrust the deep carpet cleaning mission to our experienced company - House Cleaning London. Thus, you will get awesome final results without even a drop of sweat.

Call us now on 020 3670 4547 and tell us which is the most convenient time for you! Our professional carpet cleaners will comply with your schedule and they will come to your sweet home to perform high-standard session.

Steam carpet treatment for deep and thorough disinfection of synthetics

Your dusty and stained manufactured rugs will be subjected on steam-heat extraction process. Owing to our heavy-duty equipment, hot water and strong /but non-toxic/ detergent will be splashed into the material under very high pressure. This way, water is transformed into hot steam which is very efficient in the battle with microbes and stains. Rely on our trained and insured carpet cleaners and don't bother at all! They will do their best to bring back the flawless appearance of your carpets. After the carpet steam cleaning, only a few hours are required and the carpet will be dry and usable again.

Steam Cleaning Prices:

Dry carpet sanitising for all those decorative, natural and antique carpets!

This carpet cleaning process relies on dry absorbent cleanser which is rubbed into the fabric via specialised machine. No water is used in order to prevent structural damage and loosening. Don't worry for your filthy water-sensitive rugs! They must be subjected on dry carpet treatment and they will look as brand new when our expert carpet cleaners finish their job. Our absorbent cleaning agent is specially designed and looks like bran to its texture. Thanks to harmless chemical reaction between the embedded filth and the cleanser, a new substance is formed. It's gently vacuumed off and then your rug is ready for use. It's now super fresh and deeply disinfected by our certified carpet cleaners.

Dry Cleaning Prices:

Scotchgard Protector - magical repelling of spilled liquids!

So you already enjoy your thoroughly disinfected rugs and you're so satisfied and excited. Do you wish to continue your wonderful happiness as long as possible? Then, ensure yourself the installation of Scotchgard Protector. This invisible, defensive substance surrounds every fiber and creates protective layer that neutralises the fast absorption of the spilled substances. Just wipe the spillage and watch the result. There won'be a stain, because everything will disappear in the sponge or in the rag you've used for cleaning. It seems like real magic, right?

Contact our friendly and well-informed representatives on 020 3670 4547 and get a free quote for our professional and efficient carpet cleaning service in SW1 district! Prices are low, so your budget won't be shrinked. What are you waiting for? You don't deserve filthy and shabby carpets!

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