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If you have dirty carpets, we are your best allies!
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Deep, thorough and sophisticated carpet cleaning is an essential housekeeping chore. Meanwhile, many people today have some serious difficulties in performing it. And if you are one of them, then House Cleaning London Company is your easiest and best solution ever. Join the club of extra clean and fresh carpets by using our sophisticated services. We guarantee you faultless and risk-free carpet cleaning in the entire Notting Hill area. Look around your house and see which rugs need the assistance and the expert approach by your skilful and friendly carpet cleaners.

Let us fight the bacteria, dust and grime all over your carpets! Book the safest and the most optimal service. Instead of risking your rugs by doing sanitising experiments, better rely on the professionals. Our carpet cleaners are here - equipped with the most modern techniques and with a bunch of effective, but harmless and eco-friendly cleaning detergents.

Do not hesitate, but book your fast and proper carpet cleaning services by calling us on 020 3670 4547!

Our carpet cleaning offer:

No matter what your carpet is, we will bring it back to its primary, fresh and stylish condition!

Having the required experience and knowledge about great carpet treatment, our expert carpet cleaners always know the best solution for your own carpet. The customer-oriented program we offer in our services is always individually arranged. According to the type of your carpet, our carpet cleaners in Notting Hill area offer you:

Steam Carpet Cleaning. This moisture-based carpet cleaning method uses the hot water extraction method to fully restore your rugs. The final results are always perfect and satisfying, because the grime goes away together with dust, bacteria and stubborn stains. Our carpet cleaners vacuum the carpets, pre-treat them and they inject hot water and innovative cleaning detergent. Then, they vacuum the water along with the dirtiness back. Your carpet will be useable in few hours only. The steam carpet cleaning procedure is suitable for manufactured rugs.

Steam Cleaning Prices:

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

Dry carpet cleaning. With the aim to preserve natural, delicate, hand-knotted and decorative rugs, our carpet cleaners use a very special no-moisture method for disinfection. It works with special absorbent and 100% dry carpet cleaning product. The carpets are usable instantly and the dirtiness is gone immediately!

Dry Cleaning Prices:

* Minimum charge applies.

Scotchgard Protector - let the magic begin!

Do not forget to ask your kind and helpful carpet cleaners in W11 area for the revolutionary Scotchgard Protector. This tool is easy to be applied and efficient enough to protect your rugs from any later dirtiness. The Scotchgard Protector provides and extra protective layer for the carpets. Thus, they will stay fresh, clean and shiny for longer! Get a free quote and book our carpet cleaning services on 020 3670 4547 right away!

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